Ramping Up Stateside Efforts...

Written by: Two Eight Ministries Posted on: June 9, 2017 Blog: News

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This first quarter of 2017 our goal has been to expand our stateside outreach efforts, so took a leap of faith and did our first online fundraiser at the beginning of the year. Thanks to our amazing sponsors and those of you who gave toward the campaign we were able to purchase equipment that allows us to do large scale outreach events anywhere we can drive to in the US.

During the last few years most of our resources and efforts have been focused on our international work. The majority of our state side efforts were focused on establishing our first US church plant with Josh Husmann: "Mercy Road." This year we are excited to say that Mercy Road is ministering to families all over Indianapolis (nearly 1000 people in attendance), has now helped plant 3 other churches in Indiana, and has launched its own church planting network "Multiply Indiana!" It's incredible what God can do in a short amount of time when teams are committed to "multiplication" and not just "addition." Investing into the efforts of others rather than just trying to add to our own work.

Indiana is currently dealing with a heroin epidemic. Its here in Indianapolis and its in our small towns throughout the state. Its awful and has claimed more lives of people that I know than any drug I've seen in my lifetime.

Our response is to launch movements of change around this state. More than ever our faith communities and city leaders need to unite and start working together for the good of our communities. The footage from the Mercy Fest event you just saw on our home page is an example of multiple schools and faith communities coming together to talk about the abuses of drug addiction, depression, and suicide that is oppressing our teens all over this country. The next step is to act and begin serving our communities and "be the change." As Christians we can't just share our faith, hope, and love with words. We have to serve with our hands! Showing love through service is invasive. It steps onto other's turf and invades their lives and space. It exposes areas of real need. And when it is done well it is extremely empowering and leads to relationship. These days the idea of community is very different than when I grew up. These days it's common where I live for people to not even know their neighbor's names! That would have never been the case where I grew up.

Our team has spent the last year building a framework for community wide "service/outreach" efforts that we are excited to unleash this year. Rise up church! We are built for seasons like this!

If you'd be interested in putting together a community wide "service/outreach" in your community please let us know.