Giving Tuesday 2021


Eric and Jillian's new 3 song EP (featuring Jason Roy) is now live on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Sound Cloud, and other online streaming platforms!!

Proceeds from album sales help fund Two Eight's outreach and recovery efforts.


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Eric performing on Indy Now

"RIVER OF HOPE" official video

Recording with Jason Roy...

Here is some behind the scenes footage from our time recording with Jason Roy (lead singer of Building 429) at his home studio. We learned so much about writing and recording by working with Jason this winter and are excited to finally share these songs with you!

"Just Be"

This was our first recording in Two Eight's new video recording studio located at the Nexus Impact Center in Indianapolis. "I began writing 'Just Be' when I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and asking the question, 'what do you do when everything feels out of control?' This was the scripture that spoke the loudest to me: "Be Still and Know that I am God." -Psalm 46:10. We hope this song helps you experience our Lord's peace in any and every season. -Eric


"I'm Ready Now" is a song that Jillian and I wrote and dedicated to our niece Alivia because she had the courage to ask for help when she was struggling with substance use. Today she is an amazing mom and has celebrated over a year of sobriety!! The stigma that surrounds mental health and addiction is real! It takes a lot of courage to step into the light and ask for help. Sure it is just the first step of a larger journey to healing and wholeness, but it can be one of the hardest to take.


What is Two Eight?

Eric and Jillian share some of the history and heart of Two Eight Ministries.


Two Eight built the "Our Story Our Time" initiative in 2018 in response to the devastating opioid epidemic that continues to claim more than 100 Americans everyday. (click here to learn more about this initiative: OurStory.OurTime.)